Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bathurst Arts Trail Launch


(Back row) Rachel Ellis, Karin Smith, 
Colin Fenn, David Lake, Cathie Hale, 
Anne  Glendenning Walton,(front row) 
Mary  Cuppaidge, Merilyn Rice, Louise 
Ranshaw,    Marjo Carter are part of the 
Bathurst Arts Trial. 

BATHURST has A wealth of talented artists and their works are coming to life with a new 
Arts Trails initiative. The Arts Trail will operate on the first weekend of each month 
starting on November 5-6 and operating once a month until May next year.

The idea behind the trail is the opportunity for local residents and visitors to engage with 
the artists, speaking with them about their inspirations and work processes and seeing 
their work in their own surroundings.

Arts Trail chair Louise Ranshaw said in the light of promoting Bathurst as a desirable 
Evocity, it is important to demonstrate to potential residents that there is a cultural heart 
to this city, which we residents live with all through the year.

Thirty-one local and surrounding artists have taken the idea and will link in with 
winery cellar openings to give people a greater variety when discovering Bathurst and the 
local area.

The launch was held on October 25 in preparation for their first trail on November 5th.

“We had more than 50 people attend the launch,” Ms Ranshaw said.

“Everyone was excited to have arrived at this stage and were able to examine a proof
 of the brochure/map which will be placed at the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre 
and various cafes and public spaces in and around Bathurst.”

Brochures will be developed and Bathurst Arts Trail website website will launch in the
coming weeks.

Keep an eye out for the flags and signs. Drop in and say hello to an artist.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What I've Been Reading # 8

Picture Hal Junior - The Secret Signal
Simon Haynes
Bowman Press 2011

Hal Junior – The Secret Signal is the first children's book from WA author Simon Haynes. The book is a prequel to the humorous adult Sci-fi, Hal Spacejock series. Older Hal is good natured, confident in his abilities but an utterly clueless trouble magnet. It was interesting to glean a little insight into Hal’s formative years.

Hal Junior is good natured, confident in his own abilities, an utterly clueless trouble magnet, but he is a well meaning and likable dreamer. The story opens with Hal dangling upside down in a garbage chute by his elastic shoelaces trying to retrieve the only homework he has actually bothered to do. The antics continue from when his mother, the head of station research, gives him a secret signal for help, right to the climax where his earlier misadventures give an idea that might just save the day – or destroy the entire station…

This is a brilliant easy to read but exciting and funny story, perfect for reluctant boy readers. The humour is not as sophisticated and obscure as Simon’s adult series but I still caught myself chuckling out loud while reading the book. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

What I've Been Reading # 7

Picture Fireheadby
Venero Armanno

She used to sell her kisses for caramels; her lips went for long licks of licorice and her touch for tangarines and tutti frutti ...
Gabriella moves in next door to 14-year-old Sam and his life changes forever. There are dark secrets within Gabriella's family.

The story is set in Brisbane during the mid 1970's and delves into love and corruption. Firehead is poetic, dark and beautiful but makes you uncomfortable to read parts of it.
The story is told in parts, the first dealing with Sam's turmoil at the arrival of the fiery redheaded Gabriella into the house next door. It explores their relationship up to the discovery of her secret and her disappearance. The story skips ahead to when a grown up Sam finally discovers what became of Gabriella.

 Armanno is a brilliant storyteller.