Thursday, July 18, 2013

10 Ways To Market Your Book

Last Night I attended a writing workshop with Vicki Morrison, a multi-genre author, freelance writer and keynote speaker. There was too much information to post but part of the workshop detailed:-


1              Your own website!

·         It is essential for an author to have their own website.
·         They can be created and hosted very cheaply.
·         It is a great idea to purchase you name as a domain name (not the name of you book. Remember, the book is your product and you are your brand).
·         Your website should be the central point of your on-line presence. Everything should link back to your site.

2)            Press Release  
·         Press releases are good for attracting the attention of media outlets, book sellers, reviewers as well as readers.
·         Ideally they should have a letterhead with an image of your book cover and contact details.
o   Follow this with the books details
o   Author
o   Title
o   Publisher
o   ISBN
o   Distributor
o   RRP (Recommended Retail Price)
·         When sending press releases out you need to research and target them at the right person.
·         Find out the targeted person’s name and correct spelling of it.
o   It’s no use sending a press release and book to a newspaper for a review if they do not review your genre.
o   Or to the purchaser of a bookshop that doesn’t sell your genre.
·         The more targeted you can be the more chance of success you have.

3)            Articles – Magazines and Newspapers
·         Most magazines need at least a 3 month lead time for articles.
·         Newspapers are usually much less.
·         Perhaps try an interview an expert in the field relating to the content of your book.
o   The interview can be turned into an article for a magazine relating to your topic
o   This is a great way of coming to the notice of people interested in that topic
·         Some newspapers, particularly local one are usually happy to do a story on the success of a local author especially coming up to a book launch.

4)            Book Launch
·         Be professional
o   Print up invitations (can be done relatively cheaply)
o   Front (Picture of your book cover)
o   Back (Details of the launch)
·         Invite widely
o   Family and friends
o   Colleagues
o   Media representatives
o   Local book sellers
o   Local names/celebrities
o   For children’s books, local teach/librarians
o   Local member
o   Mayor/Local councillors
o   Other authors you know
·         Try and arrange a special guest to do the official launch of the book.
o   Could be the Local Member or Mayor
o   Well known author
o   Celebrity
o   Someone related to the topic of your book.
·         Everything you do, do it as a Point of Difference
·         Don’t be boring. Think outside the box.
o   There is nothing as boring as a launch where the author reads from the book after a bunch of speeches and then does a signing.
o   Have a video or Powerpoint display.
o   Have someone act out a scene
o   Have giveaways or prizes
o   Display art from the book
o   For kids books, do something hands on related to the book
o   Raffle off the chance to have the winner’s name used for a character in your next book.
·         Make the launch special and memorable.
·         Provide nibbles and drinks
o   Ask around, you might get some donations or at least offers of help.
·         Look professional (considering your BRAND)
·         Most important – ENGAGE THE AUDIENCE.

5)            List the book on Amazon
·         Claim your author page. You can edit it to enhance your brand.
·         Pay close attention to key words
o   Take advantage of common search phrases and choose your key words to suit
o   Make it easy for the Amazon, Google etc. Search bots to find your book. That way it will display closer to the top of the list.
o   Try to get reviews on Amazon. Good reviews increase sales.

6)            Book Reviews Sites and Blogs
·         Try to get as many reviews as possible.
o   Find book review sites and request they review your book
o   Target the sites most likely to review in your genre
o   If they can’t do a review, they may still post an author interview or bio. Ask.

7)            Radio
·         Try and get an interview on radio stations
o   Local radio stations are usually open to these
o   ABC does book and reading segments that might do an interview
o   Have giveaways
o   Don’t just try and sell your book, sell your brand
·         Radio interviews are brilliant in the days leading up to your launch, even the morning of the launch.

8)            Social Media (This is a whole topic in itself).
·         Social media sites can be good for generating word of mouth hype for your book
·         Pick sites you are comfortable using
·         Think about who and  where your audience are and if they use social media you would be stupid not to use it to reach them
·         If they don’t use social media then it is not as important.
·         Make sure ALL your social media sites link back to your author website.
·         Social Media Sites
o   Facebook,
o   Twitter
o   Linkedin
o   Goodreads
o   Pinterest
o   Google +
o   Don’t just spruik your book
o   Get involved in the community
o   Promote your brand (YOU)

9)            Blog
·         Start a blog.
o   A writers blog or
o   Readers blog
o   Keep your personal blog separate if you have one
o   Your promotional or professional blog should be highlighting your brand
o   Approach similar blogs and request to do a guest blog post
o   Comment of similar blogs. This generates traffic to your blog
o   After your books release, arrange a blog tour of sites that your audience may frequent.

10)          Join Forums and Discussion Groups
·         Google groups is a good place to find groups interested in your book’s topic.
·         Becoming involved in these communities could generate interest in you and your book.
·         Again, DON’T be annoying.
·         Goodreads has 12 million members who all love to read books.
o   Join their author Program
o   You can add book excerpts
o   Videos
o   Quizzes
o   Host Q & A’s etc.