Saturday, May 30, 2009

Education Week

Buy a book for your school library:

There are always things schools want that require funds. New computers, interactive whiteboards, teacher resources, sporting equipment, the list goes on. Often, the place that misses out is the library and the students are left with outdated and worn books to read.
In today's digital world, it is hard enough to entice children into reading for pleasure and it is harder still if the books you want them to read have been at the school longer than they have.

I don't know if all schools do this but my local Primary school, Eglinton Public has a tradition during Education Week where students can purchase a book to donate back to the school library.

I think this is a wonderful idea. Not only does the library have a regular supply of new books, they get topical books that the students actually want to read.
During open day on Thursday, the local book store set up a display in front of the library of new release books made up of the librarian's wish list of fiction and non-fiction titles. During the day, student would browse with their parents and select the books they want to read.

What's in it for the students? Their library ends up being one of the best school libraries in the area. Plus the student donating the book get to be the first to borrow it.
Some people would say that's not a lot of incentive BUT it seems to be enough to make the idea work. Books were flying off the display. I even got into the action and donated a couple of books myself.

I donated a copy of Sandy Fussell's 'Polar Boy' because I couldn't believe the library didn't already have a copy of this wonderful book. And I donated a copy of Sue Whiting's 'Freaky' because it is such a boy book, full of gross and creepy things.


  1. Hey, Jeff, what a lovely surprise I got at the end of your post. Thanks for the support; I hope the kids enjoy it.

  2. Sue, Taming Butterflies really helped my niece deal with her anxiety issues. I've been a fan ever since. I've got nearly all the Lightning Strikes book and 'Freaky' is one of my favourites. Skateboards, spitballs, sitting on a cactus (I've done that one myself) and giant spiders. What more could a boy want in a book.


  3. HI Jeff, Thank you for donating Polar Boy. Cold winter reading out your way - although the snow will still be imaginary! You also inspired me to blog about my local school Education Week Bookfair experience.Thanks for that too.

  4. I love that idea too, although I do remember several five- year- olds who tried to keep "their" book!

  5. Just had to say, Jeff, that your comments have made my week! Thank you so much. There is nothing better than hearing that one of your books has connected in some way with someone. Say hi to your niece for me.

  6. Book Chook:
    They do a book fair later in the year where the students do get to keep their books.

    Sue: I will definitely say hi to her for you. She will be chuffed.

    By the way, the total tally for the library was $2600 worth of new books.