Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lucky Socks and Author Snoopy

When I was playing rugby league in the under 12's, I scored my first try. That was the day I wore my new socks. Obviously the socks were lucky. I wore them every time we played. The luck worked, not all the time but often enough to make me keep those socks until they were two sizes too small with holes that let my big toes poke through.

Socks - not those socks exactly - were lucky for me again when my first ever piece of writing was published in a very obscure and small print run anthology called 'Infinite Anythings and Lost Left Socks' There was no payment involved and I am sure very few people ever read the piece - that in itself is lucky because the writing was awful.

About the same time, McDonalds had a toy offer running with little Snoopy's engaged in different professions. When Author Snoopy came out, I brought one and he has sat beside my computer ever since. I don't know if he is lucky for me or not but when I start writing and he is there, I at least know not to start my stories with 'It was a dark and stormy night...' or other clich├ęd beginnings.

I have decided the luck comes more with hard work and constantly trying to improve my writing skills than from Snoopy.

Imagine the blisters I would have avoided if I realised this when I was still playing rugby league.

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