Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sandy Fussell's Monkey Fist Blog Tour

It is now day four of Sandy's blog tour celebrating the release of 'Monkey Fist' her fourth book in the Saumrai Kids series.

I have been following the tour each day and have discovered a great deal about how Sandy writes, her inspiration for the series, her research methodology and some intriguing insights into the characters she has created for the series, especially the narrator character Niya who dropped by on Monday for an interview with poet and children’s author, Dale Harcombe.

I am looking forward to hosting Sandy on Monday the 10th when I will talk to her about the wonderful artwork in the books and working with an illustrator.

The remainder of the tour links are listed below.

Wednesday 5/8/09
Tales I Tell – Storyteller and author Mabel Kaplan interviews me about how my interest in Japanese and Chinese history has influenced the series. Mabel uncovers the meaning of Monkey Fist.

Thursday 6/8/09
Sally Murphy’s Writing For Children Blog – I will be visiting Sally Murphy (author of many books for children including the verse novel, Pearl Verses the World) to talk about book promotion and how to harness cyber resources.

Friday 7/8/09
Writing Children’s Book with Robyn Opie – I will be visiting Robyn Opie, author of more than 75 books including "How to Write a Great Children's Book" and the novel “Black Baron”. I will be discussing Zen and the Art of Writing for Children – my view on why the series has been so successful.

Saturday 8/8/09
Alphabet Soup – Magazine editor Rebecca Newman will be interviewing me about my research techniques and asking questions to discover whether all that historical research is really any fun

Sunday 9/8/09
The Book Chook – Writer, reviewer and children’s literature advocate Sue Stephenson will be interviewing me about how my children’s reading experiences have influenced my writing

Monday 10/08/09
Words and Pictures – Writer and artist Jefferey E Doherty will be interviewing me about writing illustrated novels – the artwork, graphics and working with an illustrator.



  1. Hi Jeffrey,
    Loved your advance post re Monkey Fist. I've added your blog address to the tour list on my blog. Sorry I was a bit late - I'd scheduled the post to open automatically this morning and didn't read your request on the previous post until now.
    I'll be back here next Monday to enjoy your interview with Sandy
    All the best

  2. Thank's. See you back here on Monday.