Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SQ Mag - Cover Illustration

SQ Mag, is a speculative fiction magazine produced by IFWG Publishing. They publish bi-monthly on-line editions, and an annual best of print anthology full of sci-fi, fantasy and horror stories and reviews.

The May edition of the magazine has just gone live. This issue contains tales of Psych Horror, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction. There is also a review of Brett J Talley’s horror novel “That Which Should Not Be”   The winner of the 2011 JournalStone Horror Writing Contest. 

The other great thing about this issue of the magazine – and I have to disclose a vested interest here – is that I did the cover illustration.

I received an email from one of the magazines editors tonight passing on some amazing feedback received for the cover art.
In his words,

“I can’t tell you how much positive feedback has been given for the cover, including from some luminaries in the writing field. Over a small space of time we got 200+ hits, and I am sure your work has contributed to it. Much heartfelt thanks.”

I recommend taking the time to look at SQ Mag – and not just for my creepy artwork. However, if it is my artwork you are checking out, I also did the illustration for the magazine’s  science fiction serial, “Avoiding the Searchers” by MF Burbaugh.

The link to get to the magazine is:

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