Sunday, March 1, 2009

I've Got You Covered

Computers are wonderful tools for writers. The internet is an invaluable medium for research and networking with other writers and industry professionals. BUT, both also offer a myriad of distractions for writers.

I can’t count the times I have sat down, with all good intentions, to write only to discover I have checked and replied to my emails, taken a (not so) quick look at some of my favourite writing sites and done any other number of things on the net. The outcome of this is not a lot of writing going on.

One method I have employed to remedy this and cut through the distractions is to create the cover art for my current project and set it as my computer desktop screen. This does two things. First, it gives me the inspiration to complete the story and fill the space between the cover with writing. The second thing it does is to guilt me into writing. Every time I turn the computer on, my book cover flashes up before my eyes. It makes me feel guilty if I am not writing. So far it seems to be working.

My current Young Adult work in progress is a speculative thriller titled “The Zoo” deals with secret scientific experiments, animal cruelty, government conspiracy and trying to fit in.
Fifteen year old Mira is different to other teens. She has just moved into a new foster home, in a new city and she has made an enemy of the most popular student in her new school.
After a class excursion to The Zoo, where a prank against her has unexpected results, Mira begins to suspect she is being followed. She gets caught up in the middle of a series of deadly events she doesn't understand. Mira is sure it has something to do with Katt Baxter, a young teacher she met during her first days at Haven High several weeks earlier and who is now working as an education officer at The Zoo.

Strange things begin to happen, people disappear and Mira and Katt find themselves drawn together into terrible danger. There are powerful people who will do anything to guard their secrets. Making a fifteen year old foster child and a first year teacher disappear seems like the easiest solution.
The other thing I have discovered is that I really enjoy creating book cover art. I recently had my first cover art commission for Queensland Author, Cheree Smith, for her forthcoming novel "Reaper".

Hopefully I will have more opportunities soon, to create more book covers.

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