Friday, March 27, 2009

Shortlisted For Charlotte Duncan Award

I have just received some wonderful news.

I entered one of my children's stories, "Marina Mack and the Magic Paper" into the Charlotte Duncan Award. The shortlisted books were announced and I am honoured to say that Marina Mack made it onto the list.

Marina Mack is a young girl with Spinabiffida. She is shy and self-conscious but she gains the confidence to go out into the park after discovering the pad of paper her Nanna gave her was magic. Marina creates origami figures from the paper and uses the magic to help people and to make new friends. She discovers in the end, that it is not the magic her friends like. It is her.

The Celapene Press - Charlotte Duncan Award is for a short story for young readers aged 9-12 years and proceeds from the Awards are donated to the neo-natal unit at the Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital.

I have to say the news came as a complete surprise. The entry guidelines stated the winners would be announced on the 2nd of May so I wasn’t expecting any news about the Award for over a month. It wasn’t until I opened an e-mail from children’s author and founder of Buzz Words, Di Bates congratulating me on my nomination that the penny dropped. (Just a note: Buzz Words has to be one of the best writing resources I have found and if you are serious about writing for children and you haven’t subscribed, you are missing out).

Talk about a buzz! I don’t think my feet have touched the ground all day.

I have to also thank Sandy Fussell, author of “Polar Boy” and the “Samurai Kids” series for pushing me to start entering competitions. Thanks for sending all the contest links too, they are much appreciated.

Check out Sandy’s web site here.


  1. Hey, Jeff

    Congratulations!! I remember the story and am sure it has a great chance of winning.

    Nice blog.

    I haven't posted to my blog for ages but I'll try to remember how to link your blog.

  2. I'm not surprised to hear of the Charlotte Duncan shortlisting - having had a sneak peak at the ms. Congratulations. I've got my fingers crossed and toes too!

  3. Hi Jeff
    I just read your blog comment regarding your shortlisting for Charlotte Duncan award in 2009. I am wringing my hands at the moment waiting to see if my entry made it to this year's shortlist. Can you tell me please if Celapene Press emailed you directly of your nomination or whether they emailed you a shortlist and you saw your name on it. I'm just a tad anxious. Thanks.

  4. I think they post the shortlist on their website. I found out about the shortlisting when Di Bates sent me an email to congratulate me.
    If you want to chat more about it or writing for kids, please email me.