Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pictures and Growing Up

Urban Decay

I have done a few writing blog posts but since the blog is called Words and Pictures, I thought I should do a post with some of my art.

The picture above is one of my favourite pieces. It is acrylic on board mixed in with some watercolour. I couldn’t get the pickets the way I wanted in acrylic so I painted each picket as a separate watercolour painting and layered them onto the picture.

The theme of the piece, growing up, childhood lost, is recurrent in my work, particularly my writing. I was inspired to paint this after standing at the front of my old childhood home. Strangely enough, it doesn’t have a picket fence but that doesn’t matter.

The Ghosts of Childhood's End

There is a place called Childhood's End.
A place where dreams begin, and end.
Where children no longer wish for youth
And belief becomes a need for proof
When we, who know how childhood dies
Look back, like ghosts with hungry eyes.
Oh! To be a child again
And not just dream of Childhood's End.
Ok, so I couldn't help throwing is a few words.

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  1. Love the picture and particularly the poem - "like ghosts with hungry eyes" is particularly evocative. Beautiful.