Thursday, April 9, 2009

Going Potty


I'm going potty but not in the head this time - thankfully.

Potting actually. My wife and I have signed up for a two day pottery course over the Easter weekend. I have to say that we have both been looking forward to it. I've even been tempted to run off the video shop to grab a copy of Ghost.

I hope our pottery weekend is that much fun.
My wife tells everyone she has no creative talent at all and is fully expecting to create a Picaso-esk bowl (with both its eyes on one side of its nose). I'm confident it will turn out better than that.
I've dabbled with sculpting clay; the cast of 'The Animals of Farthing Wood' and half the Star Trek Federation fleet to top birthday cakes for my children. But this should be a different experience. Relaxing...
# Note to parents - plain birthday cakes with icing and candles are what you want to stick to. I did a fancy decoration for one birthday cake. Each one from then on needed to be bigger and better. The boys kept raising the bar of acceptability.

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