Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teaser Tuesday


This weeks Teaser Tuesday excerpt is from the book Coraline by Neil Gaiman.

Warning: Small spoiler.

Coraline and her parents move into a new apartment. Coraline's parents are always busy with their work and pay her little attention. Isolated, Coraline goes off to explore. She meets the other inhabitants of the house, Miss Miriam Forcible and Miss April Spink, two elderly women retired from the stage and an even older man named Mister Bobo, who trains mice to play music. She finds a locked door in the drawing room, though the entrance beyond is bricked up. The next day she takes the key to the door, opens it, and finds a dark corridor leading to an apartment identical to her own. This alternate world is inhabited by her Other Mother and Other Father, who are near-replicas of her real parents, except they have buttons for eyes. These Other parents at first seem more interesting, fun and caring than her real parents.


Coraline also explored for animals. She found a hedgehog and a snake skin, but no snake and a rock that looked just like frog and a toad that looked just like a rock. There was also a haughty black cat who would sit on walls and tree stumps and watch her, but would slip away if ever she went over to try and play with it.

That was how she spent the first two weeks in the house, exploring the garden and the grounds.

A wonderful book, soon to be a movie.


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