Monday, April 6, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

I'm two hours early, but here goes.

The book I'm reading at present is written by one of my all time favourite authors. "Angel's Gate" by Gary Crew. It was the 1994 winner of The Children's Book Council of Australia - Book of the Year: For Older Readers. This is not a book I have just discovered. It is one I keep going back to.


I heard another story one Sunday afternoon when Bobby and Julia stopped in at the Paradise for a malted. Bobby and Julia always had chocolate; my choice was lime, which I didn't especially like, since it was green and sickly, but it sounded adult when I ordered it.

Queenie took no notice of me and never once said 'Glory be to Peter,' which was a bad sign.


The book, like a lot of Gary's work has a dark edge to it but it also leaves you with the feeling something magical is about to happen.


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